Se Hable Espanol at GFS!

Se habla espanolAt Green Financial Services, “Se Habla Espanol” so we can help you our your family members with finance needs but also do it in a language that is potentially more comfortable and understandable to you.

The IRS also provides YouTube videos in sign language and other communication methods, including Spanish, to help users.

Survey Shows People Want Professional Tax Services

In a recent survey by Braun Research, over 40% of working people polled revealed theywould have their taxes done professionally, this is what they said:

  • The largest number, 53 % want to be sure they will get the biggest refund
  • 47 % are afraid of making a mistake
  • 24 % find the idea of doing their own taxes to be “daunting”
  • 21 % are afraid of getting audited
  • 15 % have a friend or family member do their taxes
  • 9 % say they are just too lazy

What bucket do you fall under? Let GFS help you get your filing completed. Call us at 818.921.4774 today.